At LSA Software, we promise to deliver cost effective integrated software services that ensure high end quality with enhanced competitiveness. We boast of garnering the best products and services which are concentrated on improving customer satisfaction and optimising efficiency. We address all the needs of our customers through personalised offerings. Our services are not only efficient but extremely innovative.

We leverage technology to improve performances in a cost effective, efficient and skilled manner. We streamline the operations in your field and resolve issues to ensure total customer responsiveness. We take all adequate measures to enable better visibility and control which smoothens the process of business decision making. We at LSA Software claim all round flexibility which enables us to adapt to the changing needs of customers and manage their needs with resourcefulness.

We intend to independently plan and multi-task operations under complex schedules which only add to our credibility.

UI Design
Adaptable, Usable and User-Centred

User-interface design revolves around providing an extremely intuitive and usable interface that your online customers can easily interact with. We at LSA Software provide UI design that is not only simple to use but efficient in dealing with customers in every way. Considering that a simple user- design interface could affect your conversation rate with your customers and in turn your business volumes, we ensure that your users gain a positive experience.

Simplicity in design without complicating the code is our primary design goal! The importance of user interaction is vital for the success of web based solutions and we realise this very accurately at LSA Software. During the development and testing phase, we utilize the best technologies and frameworks available along with the newest innovative developmental tools so that we provide a balance between technical functionality and visual elements. We, at LSA Software not only analyse our designs but ensure that our interface is driven by ease of use, functionality and visually appealing.

We, at LSA Software do not concentrate on the size of the project but adhere to the standards and principles of user-centred design. We also ensure that the information architecture is built only after the proper analysis of needs of potential users themselves through conversations with people who interact with the users or the users themselves. Even the process of usability testing or knowing the feedbacks of users is highly professional and interactive.

We also pay special emphasis on the actual look and feel of the final GUI and also employ people who are proficient in handling both GUI and user interface designing so that our customers are treated to the best technologies and resources available in the current market scenario. We understand the technology trend like no other.


Mobile Application Development

The world is going mobile. With everyone in the business sector having a smart phone and increasingly depending on them, it can be rightly said that mobile phones rule the world now. And what distinguishes a smart phone from a normal one? It is the numerous applications that can be integrated in these handsets that set apart a Blackberry or an iPhone from others.

Here at LSA Software we recognize the market needs and develop customized applications meant for use in smart phones like Apple’s iPhone or RIM Blackberry. LSA understands that readymade application available in app stores cannot always satisfy the needs of our clients. With internet too descending down to the hand-held gadgets, it is now a vital resource for every business waiting to be milked in. LSA Software caters to that need and helps you build your applications targeted to mobile devices.

We develop mobile applications for every kind of platform like the Android, Blackberry, Apple iPhone and Windows mobiles. With innovative ideas our mobile application team proves their expertise in building feature rich apps for today’s needs. We take care that the diverse preferences of today’s smart phone users are kept in mind while developing these mobile apps. The best of technology is integrated to give you the mobile application that meets all your demands.


Application Monitoring &

Application monitoring is crucial to achieving customer satisfaction and in turn business growth. We, at LSA software ensure that the problems or discrepancies in the application are adequately monitored so that it is resolved before the end-user is aware of the existence of such problems. It is quite a common feature in revenue-generating environments where CPU utilization or memory usage and the like are regularly supervised to maintain the basic running of any application server.

We analyse every aspect of application server environment to comprehend the metrics that need to be monitored and anticipate the problems which may plague them. We also ensure that a plan of action is in place to deal with any impediments. Here at LSA software, application monitoring entails more than just the technical performance of the application. We even compare the relatively common statistics such as page hits to observe any insights into expected faults.

We pay special attention to application monitoring because once the projects goes live, any errors may result in severe loss of downtime. Hence we generally begin monitoring discussions quite early during deployment and are in a better position to address any issues that may crop up to prevent implementation.

We promise to troubleshoot errors before their actual occurrence for we practice proactive application monitoring for the benefit of our clients. Considering that multi-connected applications are influenced by various factors that include system resource, architecture, efficiency of codes and the overall network infrastructure, problems maybe multi—layered so we at LSA software employ advanced deviation tracking methods to predict performance anomalies at any tier.


Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting involves on focusing on how to use the best of information technology innovation to meet the required objectives. It basically involves molding the latest technology to our client’s needs. We at LSA software provide quality consulting services in this regard. Chief among our diversified Technology Consulting services is providing the necessary Design and Architecture walkthrough of the product, churning out a detailed product specification.

Through our technological consulting services, we streamline the entire development process, cutting costs and increasing efficiency of the product. We provide atrociously detailed consulting in this aspect, as product architecture is very much essential for the development of the product.

Further, our expert team at LSA software are completely abreast with the latest technological innovation and development, henceforth delivering quality and educated technological services and consulting. We at LSA software always conduct a complete technological research in view of the client’s needs and objectives, with the end result of a seasoned and detailed report of the product application in lieu with the technological needs. We further establish a detailed capacity planning for the product, cutting out unnecessary time lags of the development process. In this aspect, we churn out innovative new solutions and technological brilliances to simplify the client’s project margin. This helps for the sustained development of the product in regards to ever changing technological topology. With the world being increasingly reliant on technology, our consulting services only serve in delving out the best technological outcome of the customer’s project requirements.


Web Application

We, at LSA Software have invested our best resources and technology at your disposal for web application and development. This has resulted in unmatched quality services and we can assure that our experts analyse and work to accomplish significant levels of application development projects. We are experienced in handling complex business logic involving enormous amounts of data and transactions.

We develop the necessary advanced systems to supply you innovative and secure web application solutions. Customized web application development is the area we focus on. Our application development takes into consideration the customer’s precise needs and requirements in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Our strategic development methodology incorporates latest trends and the best technological expertise in a most cost effective manner.

We guide you completely through the entire process from just the conceptualization to the actual implementation of a cost effective and qualitative software solution. It involves not only the gathering and proper definition of exact requirements but delivery and deployment of web-based solutions as well. We manage every business and technical need through superior resolution of issues and risk management.

Our applications are developed specifically keeping in mind the dynamic needs of the customer and provide our customers with myriad themes and ideas which enable them to accurately describe their business and approach. We employ a dedicated team of professionals who work to provide you a rich domain experience. Our web application and development is comprehensive and improve branding and visibility significantly leading to meteoric rise in sales or number of active users. We promise to deliver on any difficult challenges relating to important aspects of web presence.


Testing and Q.A

We, at LSA software promise to deliver proactive testing solutions which are specifically designed to cater to customised vendor requirements. We utilise available infrastructure and highly skilled experts to provide quality assurance testing and tools to measure performance that stress on the components which you require. We guide you through the entire development of testing strategy

along with our trusted experts so that it suits your specific business objectives, goals, timelines and other specifications. Further we also ensure assistance to develop tests that emulate traffic in the real world scenario and expected call volume for you to accurately process errors and performance bottlenecks from the switch to the agent as well as backend databases. We also prepare reports on the subsequent testing emphasising the quality assurance testing sessions and take into consideration your valuable recommendations for improvement.

At LSA, we believe testing and quality assurance are integral to customer satisfaction. It not only cuts the maintenance costs for critical applications but also ensures long term tangible results. We deeply analyse your quality requirements, the current technologies that can be availed, structure and built of your organisation and also your objectives and goals so that testing services we provide is a part of the overall delivered solution.

We at LSA assure you that your applications will reach the desired level of efficiency and reliability with are cost effective testing services and quality assurance and also assist in significant reduction of support costs. We seek to provide quality, security and high-end performance through our established quality assurance and testing processes.


Application Deployment and

Application deployment and other related tasks form the bulk of the operating costs in the IT industry but we at LSA software offer you easy management of environments such as Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Linux, Fedora, CentOS or Ubuntu. It is here that we witness maximum growth opportunities but with a multitude of complexities as well. We provide you reliable automation for the purpose of deploying and configuring.

We, at LSA software employ consistent programmers who can effectively comprehend complex and myriad platforms and utilise optimized integrated tools which includes control of version and a team effort to deploy a new application directly into a system. Our processes enable us to boast of greater speed, accuracy and control of application deployments and configuration. It further allows us to fulfil the needs of volumes of new and innovative applications coming to the fore with the usage of a deployment platform aligned to the task.

We automatically analyse the application for dependencies and handle any discrepancies to assemble it into a complete system manifest. We have been extremely innovative in the configuration arena as well. We provide precise remote control over operating system and configuration settings. Application deployment may suffer from redundant configuration drifts but here at LSA software provide you a scalable configuration management solution.

We compare the configuration, deliver configuration settings, control the version and ensure that corresponding application and configuration re deployed together. We boast of automated deployment and maintenance which work for any kind of environment. This leads to reduction of compliance errors and a significant increase in responsiveness.


Product Specification Consulting

We in LSA software provide quality technical Consulting for Product Specification and design. Product Consulting forms the core of our consulting services, with our dedicated team providing every conceivable help in product establishment. To begin with, we provide a clear cut road map for the development cycle of a product. We lay out the entire ground works of the product before the client’s eyes, leaving out any chance of loop holes.

That includes laying out the frameworks and blue prints of the product design and documentation and providing guidance throughout the entire span of the product development spectrum. From creating the portfolio to complex product matrixes, at LSA software we give our expert consulting on every technical detail. Furthermore, we provide consulting in functional requirements of the product, which chiefly includes the product catalogue, product requirements and product vectors. To ensure the product’s long running functionality, we also provide consulting in the necessary technical requirements of the product. Capacity requirements are also generated by our veteran engineers, providing a visual database of the intake human resources for the development process and outlet target audience. Our hard working team generates out every fundamentals regarding the product, including consumer appeasement and sales factor.

Our team keeps a prying eye on the technical market, providing authentic report and consulting on the product’s technical creditability, ensuring further tweaking of the product to have it stand apart in the competition. Through our consulting services, we always ensure guaranteed maximum returns for our customer’s investment.