Microsoft Technologies- Ease of work redefined!

We at LSA Softare bring you the best of all the server platforms, framework and products offered by Microsoft. LSA Software specializes in building Microsoft based applications with minimal costs and better productivity.

Our experience and command is not only limited to .Net framework versions, ASP .Net and Microsoft SQL Server family. We have the proven record in almost every product in Microsoft Servers family including but not limited to Microsoft Commerce Server, Biztalk Server, Sharepoint Portal Server and so on! And we have just started exploring Microsoft's entry in cloud computing. 3.5 Framework

ASP .Net 3.5 framework is the preferred software framework developed for Microsoft OS. It provides a plethora of additional features that have been derived from the 3.0 version. This version is compatible with Windows Server 2003, Windows XP and the latest Windows 7 OS. We at LSA Software will help you host .Net framework on our hosting platform.

With ASP .Net 3.5 comes loaded with additional features like the integration with Language Integrated Query(LINQ) that allows code to be written with LINQ-enabled languages with easy implementation in database projections involving SQL and DataSets. In addition the ASP .NET Framework 3.5 comes with the new Service Pack 1 which includes a host of services like support for SQL Server 2008. The ASP .Net 3.5 Framework will also give more support for IIS7. IIS7 as well as Visual Studio 2008.

With .Net framework you can build relatively wider applications and XML Web services. LSA Software can help you develop your applications using ASP .Net 3.5 Framework wherein you can have multiple hosts and manage all components appreciably.

We believe in providing the best and hence go for .NET framework 3.5 which is a very integral Windows component that aids the creation and proper running of the future generation of applications and services offered by the web. We use a .NET framework that provides a managed execution interface with extremely simplified deployment and proper integration with myriad languages.


Windows Communication Foundation

The Windows Communication Foundation is an integral necessity for any organization as this API helps in building applications which are strictly service oriented and enhances distributed computing capabilities. Going by the Service Oriented programming model, WCF makes it simple to connect diverse services and applications using the .Net framework. Other than SO languages WCF also supports other XML data and RSS including ATOM or JSON formats as well.

At LSA Software we build business object layer using Windows Communication Foundation. With WCF it’s easier to have dynamic web channels to connect with a web server. LSA creates enterprise-ready business applications using WCF which further enhances business logic connectivity. WCF services can be hosted in a range of hosting environments as well. It also has exceptional timing to initiate and start up a service for running.

A host of applications are possible with WCF like chat apps for inter organizational connectivity and reliable messaging,. Security issues are a cakewalk as WCF implements SSL or WS-SecureConversation. So you can be rest assured that with LSA Software building your apps you will have encrypted data flow for a secure business transaction.

We wish to provide our clients with the compelling technology which can combine Web centric communication with SOAP and WS-* standards replete with the object model. This implies that our clients can utilize this service to communicate well outside enterprise boundaries and the same service can enable you to communicate effectively with the external environment in accordance with the web protocols of course.


SharePoint Server

We at LSA Software believe in making things easier for our clients. Microsoft SharePoint Server is arguably one of best technologies from Microsoft. It was designed with just a few things in mind- Sharing, managing and publishing of information or documents with great ease while making it a very hassle free process while compared to the tedious task of publishing information, sharing and managing it.

The most important feature of the SharePoint Server is that one gets to share files, documents and practically anything digital with others, thus making it a very easy task to work together. With team work being the core requirement in almost every workforce, we at LSA Software make connectivity easier for you.

With one location for all the information, you can make a website and then use it as an interface to share information with your colleagues or group. One central location for all the documents right from the beginning through the end is what LSA offers. You and your colleagues can share all your expertise and ideas on this platform simultaneously though you may be working on different projects. With the SharePoint Server on your side, teamwork is at its best, with great satisfaction and results. And with LSA Software providing you this service, you can say goodbye to communication hassles.


BizTalk Server

LSA Software brings you yet another great product from the Microsoft which has undergone a lot of changes in it to make it more efficient and to deliver the value for money factor. Ever since its introduction into the world market in 1999, the BizTalk Server has been the backbone of many organizations. It is what Microsoft calls as- The connectivity and Integration Server solution.

Real time interaction and communication is a major factor that organizations look for, when looking for connectivity and interaction in their servers. The BizTalk Server is just that! It delivers exceptional solutions for supply chain visibility, near real time reporting/decision support and multi channel interactions and also offers connectivity between core systems outside and inside your organization. It basically helps organizations connect disparate systems more easily. BizTalk Server not only provides these options, but also offers Business Activity Monitoring(BAM), durable messaging, connectivity with EDI and IBM Host/Mainframe connectivity and RFID capabilities.

LSA Software ensures that with BizTalk Server, you can automate all your business interactions, reduce costs and errors by simplifying and automating interoperability, promote agility and manageability and prevent processes from change impacts. To bring together different technologies is possibly the most challenging work, but with LSA Software we ensure that, you can interconnect a multitude of technologies and systems which are put to use for everyday operations.


Commerce Server

Application deployment and other related tasks form the bulk of the operating costs in the IT industry but we at LSA software offer you easy management of environments such as Microsoft Windows which makes up 74% of the data centre server scenario. It is here that we witness maximum growth opportunities but with a multitude of complexities as well. We provide you reliable automation for the purpose of deploying and configuring.

We, at LSA software employ consistent programmers who can effectively comprehend complex and myriad platforms and utilise optimized integrated tools which includes control of version and a team effort to deploy a new application directly into a system. Our processes enable us to boast of greater speed, accuracy and control of application deployments and configuration. It further allows us to fulfil the needs of volumes of new and innovative applications coming to the fore with the usage of a deployment platform aligned to the task.

We automatically analyse the application for dependencies and handle any discrepancies to assemble it into a complete system manifest. We have been extremely innovative in the configuration arena as well. We provide precise remote control over operating system and configuration settings. Application deployment may suffer from redundant configuration drifts but here at LSA software provide you a scalable configuration management solution.

We compare the configuration, deliver configuration settings, control the version and ensure that corresponding application and configuration re deployed together. We boast of automated deployment and maintenance which work for any kind of environment. This leads to reduction of compliance errors and a significant increase in responsiveness.


Open Source Technologies

LSA Software brings you effective business solutions and customized applications using open source technologies. Be it a small business or a large one, open source technologies can always exceed your expectations in providing cost-effective business solutions.

With LSA Software as your technology partner, you will get technical support, implementation & consulting services over a wide range of open source technology frameworks for your business needs. Using languages like Java and PHP, LSA Software provides cost-effective applications and business enterprise solutions. By reusing and modifying existing open source framework, you get enterprise solutions in a reduced time and also have backward compatibility feature in all your applications. Gain an advantage over your competitors using superior open source technologies and enterprise solutions developed by experts at LSA.

Be it CodeIgniter on PHP or Struts 2.x on Java, our team is always ready to extract more from the exising frameworks and add a small degree of specialization to suit our business partner's needs. We have proven record on practically all MVC frameworks in Java including Struts and Spring MVC. Our completed and on-going projects have been many open source frameworks including hibernate, Spring dependency Injection, EclipseLink and almost every J2EE5 and J2EE6 compliant servers including JBOSS and Glassfish 3.x


User-interface design revolves around providing an extremely intuitive and usable interface that your online customers can easily interact with. We at LSA Software provide UI design that is not only simple to use but efficient in dealing with customers in every way. Considering that a simple user- design interface could affect your conversation rate with your customers and in turn your business volumes, we ensure that your users gain a positive experience.

The importance of user interaction is vital for the success of websites and we realise this very accurately at LSA Software. During the development and testing phase, we utilize the best technologies available along with the newest innovative developmental tools so that we provide a balance between technical functionality and visual elements. We, at LSA Software not only analyse our designs but ensure that our interface is driven by ease of use, functionality and more importantly content which in turn improves end-user experience.

We, at LSA Software do not concentrate on the size of the project but adhere to the standards and principles of user-centred design. We also ensure that the information architecture is built only after the proper analysis of needs of potential users themselves through conversations with people who interact with the users or the users themselves. Even the process of usability testing or knowing the feedbacks of users is highly professional and interactive.

We also pay special emphasis on the actual look and feel of the final GUI and also employ people who are proficient in handling both GUI and user interface designing so that our customers are treated to the best technologies and resources available in the current market scenario. We understand the technology trend like no other.



We, at LSA software promise to deliver proactive testing solutions which are specifically designed to cater to customised vendor requirements. We utilise available infrastructure and highly skilled experts to provide quality assurance testing and tools to measure performance that stress on the components which you require. We guide you through the entire development of testing strategy along with our trusted experts so that it suits your specific business objectives, goals, timelines and other specifications.

Further we also ensure assistance to develop tests that emulate traffic in the real world scenario and expected call volume for you to accurately process errors and performance bottlenecks from the switch to the agent as well as backend databases. We also prepare reports on the subsequent testing emphasising the quality assurance testing sessions and take into consideration your valuable recommendations for improvement.

At LSA, we believe testing and quality assurance are integral to customer satisfaction. It not only cuts the maintenance costs for critical applications but also ensures long term tangible results. We deeply analyse your quality requirements, the current technologies that can be availed, structure and built of your organisation and also your objectives and goals so that testing services we provide is a part of the overall delivered solution.

We at LSA assure you that your applications will reach the desired level of efficiency and reliability with are cost effective testing services and quality assurance and also assist in significant reduction of support costs. We seek to provide quality, security and high-end performance through our established quality assurance and testing processes.


Mobile Platform

While platform development for desktops and laptops is easy, the same doesn’t hold true for mobile platforms. The usual portability that comes with OS development is missing in mobile platforms leaving developers with the daunting task of developing customized platforms for mobiles. If you are unsure how to go about it, let LSA Software take over from here.

At LSA Software you will find that we provide customized application development platforms for all mobile phones. Whether is be Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Android mobiles, LSA Software is well experienced in developing mobile application development platforms for diverse OS. The RIM Blackberry or the Windows mobile phones, whatever phone you pick , LSA Software have an in- depth knowledge of all underlying technologies needed for each.

LSA Software offers mobile platform development for Blackberry, Windows mobile phones, Android sets and the Apple iPhone. In addition to that, we have successfully built and deployed mobile web applications targeted to varied devices.


Today’s world survives on connectivity. The tiny handheld gadgets called mobile phones have been redefined into something more than just a phone. And with Apple Inc ushering in the smart device the iPhone, things have changed drastically. With a large amount of features like GPS tracking, desktop-class email facility to name a few, the corporate world now finds it easier to control and manage their business needs.

Not only in the business class, the iPhone finds favour with the young generation as well. Round the clock entertainment features are integrated in many iPhone applications to keep them happy. Instant chat, multimedia and text messaging, and even social networking have found their place in iPhone applications.

We at LSA Software specialize in developing rich applications built for your iPhone. We have an in-depth understanding of the Apple OS that gives us an edge in developing mobile applications for iPhone. Only skilful programmers at LSA Software can understand your needs and develop customized application that would make your gadget more powerful and give you greater control over your business and personal needs.

The iPhon had scaled to the heights it has reached now mainly for the popularity of the many applications available. In fact it can be said that most of the users use their iPhones more for the applications than for actually calling anyone. We at LSA deliver robust applications developed for iPhone that makes on the go personal and business management easier .

Why wait? Contact us now to get the most innovative and robust iPhone application.



RIM’s Blackberry mobiles are synonymous with the term ‘smart phone’. And they give amazing performance with smart applications built for RIM-specific platforms. LSA Software mobile platform development team specializes in JDE [BlackBerry Java Development Environment] that can be used to create very sophisticated & feature rich applications for Blackberry handsets.

RIM's proprietary APIs also are used to develop Java applications for Blackberry specific mobiles that have enhanced features in them. Customized applications are available for Blackberry touch models as well. LSA Software also has on offer web-based applications built for the BlackBerry. LSA Software builds innovative applications for RIM Blackberry handsets that you can use with ease. The security offered by LSA is at par with the global standards. So you need not fear any leakage of your data.

Platforms for building high-quality applications for these handsets, is what LSA Software can boast of. Many would agree that RIM’s Blackberry OS is not very ideal for gaming needs, but LSA plans to change that. With enhanced graphics and user interface, our mobile platform development team have ample expertise in all.

We at LSA aim to provide feature rich applications and a mobile platform environment that leaves the actual Blackberry user comfortable with his phone.


Window Mobile

With expectations of the smart phone market expanding up to US$3.1 billion in the year 2014, it is but natural that small or medium business will now look forward to capitalize on the growing trend. LSA Software is here to show you how to go about it. With LSA Software you can now have Windows phone solutions for you business needs.

With the Windows mobile now you can have applications and services with easy to use user interfaces built specially for your needs. LSA Software has Windows Phone application developers who specialize in the Windows Phone 7 OS. With the knowledge and expertise in Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Office, we build customized applications for Windows Phone that integrate all your business needs seamlessly giving you greater connectivity and control. Our dedicated team of developers have the required expertise in the programming languages and framework needed for developing cutting-edge technology based Windows Phone apps.

Whether it be multimedia applications or applications that enhance connectivity, LSA has an answer for all types of users. With a rich set of end-user applications, you can now have seamless navigation on your Windows Mobile. Run web applications or have data connectivity with cross platform support with the apps developed by LSA Software. Our team of Windows Phone developers understand the Windows Mobile Phone users’ needs and aim to improve productivity with an efficient time management.

Contact LSA Software today for all your business, productivity and media apps requirement for Windows Phone.



Our team at LSA Software backed with the research and constant review of the global market, have experience in developing feature-rich Android applications for our clients. A professional Android application development solution is what we offer to you at LSA.

Android OS was built by Android Inc and runs on Java. It is now owned by the Open Handset Alliance of which search giant Google is a part. The LSA Android app development team has expert knowledge on the 5 basic parts of Android OS i.e. the application, application framework, libraries, android runtime, and Linux kernel. With our understanding of the Android SDK and its various components like the Android Development Tools Plugin, Android Asset Packaging Tool (AAP),Android Interface Description Language (AIDL),sqlite3Android Emulator ,Android Virtual Devices (AVDs) etc, we can promise to provide you with innovative Android application solutions for you.

With a team of experienced Java language and Android development framework experts, LSA team can build the Android applications that you desire. The various apps we provide include utility applications, educational or commercial apps, communication applications, data management pps like Personal Information Management (PIM) program as well as multimedia and gaming applications. Get faster processing applications in a multi-tasking interface and derive more from your smart phone. So contact us today for getting the application you always wanted for your Android mobile.